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Joseph & Ashley | October 2014

Ashley and Joseph… let me tell you. What a precious, precious couple. Both so sweet, so in love, and so so genuine.

I loved shooting this wedding! It was so well put together, every detail thought out,

every moment was so beautiful and filled with happiness and love and beauty!

It was such a huge honor to be able to photograph this wedding, and I’m so grateful to Ashley and Joseph for trusting me with such a huge day of their lives. Ashley was such a stunningly gorgeous bride and

I know you will agree when you see the photos… You could see in Joseph’s eyes that he felt the exact same way.

She is such a precious gift to him, and likewise for Ashley! Joseph is so darn kind of thoughtful, and just by the way he looked at Ashley, you knew that he cherished everything he found in her…

They are the perfect couple to say the least! I’m so excited to finally share a few of my favorite moments from the day with you! I hope you enjoy them just as much as I did and still do!

Congratulations Ashley and Joseph!!!!!

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