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Benning | Dybdahl | May 2014

As much as I LOVE my job, and totally enjoy every piece of it, there is always something extra special about your job colliding with your home life…. and this time it did. Saschia and I have been the very best of friends since the beginning of Junior High, and as many friendships like ours go, I would say we are much more like sisters.
We have always talked about our future boyfriends or husbands. Our weddings. How we hope to be proposed to, how he BETTER propose if he wants either of us to say yes… you know, the normal things! When Jacob came along, as the best friend, I had to be skeptical, it’s my job! But even though in any other case, being skeptical came naturally, with Jacob, I would have to say it was actually hard work. He was charming from the start. A gentleman, patient, hilarious, God loving, a red head, everything that was on Saschia’s list of requirements for herself, and even my list of requirements for her! Seeing the girl that’s been my number one for all of these years, find a man like this to be her number one only makes me beyond happy.

So of course when Jacob told us that he was going to propose, my first thoughts were, Saschia has threatened my life if I don’t tell that I HAVE to photograph the proposal if a proposal was ever to happen. But, being the perfect man for Saschia that he is, he already knew that! So when he asked me to hide away and photograph the moment, I was so beyond ecstatic! May 18, 2014 was absolutely a day to remember.

I, along with Hannah and BethAnne (two of our best friends in the whole world that make up the Fantastic Four as we call ourselves), arrive at the location and hide ourselves away where we are sure we won’t be seen, and let me tell you… I was more nervous at that moment then I had ever been in my whole life. Legs shaking. Chin quivering. Hands vibrating.

Knowing that if I make one wrong move, I would be spotted and ruin the whole event. But I held it together, Jacob sang the song that he wrote for Saschia, and ended the song with the words she had been dreaming to hear, “Saschia LeeAnn Jarvis Dybdahl, will you marry me?” The rest is history.

She of course said yes. I cried. She cried. The girls cried. We all came running out and now here we are planning a wedding. I just simply can’t wait to finish the beginning of their entire story on the day of their wedding day. So there you have it! The story behind one the most precious blogs to my heart that I will likely ever post. Saschia and Jacob, cheers to the best proposal and the soon to be best marriage ever!

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  • NekaJune 25, 2014 - 6:02 am

    Congrats to my little big cousin Jacob and his beautiful fiancee Saschia. I am so happy for the both of you. ♥ReplyCancel

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